Use The Salt Pipe inhaler daily to help with:

The Saltpipe Inhaler can be safely used by adults, elderly people, children over 5 years old and even pregnant women.

Insert mouthpiece and draw air in through the inhaler, breathing normally, exhaling through the nose.  This is very important to obtain maximum therapeutic effect. This product can be used in parallel with any medically prescribed items. Do not breathe out through the pipe.

Some people may experience a bit of a salty taste in the back of your throat or have a dry throat or mild cough which will go away if you drink of water. This is an indicator that the self-cleansing of the respiratory tract has begun.

There is no risk of overdose even with several hours of use and there are no negative side effects to using the Salt Pipe. 

Salt Pipes can last forever and can be cleaned and shared.  However do not share salt bags and replace bag if you have had a heavy cold. The active ingredients will last approx. 6 months with normal use. (15-25 mins per day).  

Salt Pipes do not increase the salt in your diet and can be used by people on sodium restricted diets.  They can also be used by children over 5 years old, elderly - anyone.


The Salt: The active ingredients are salt crystals from the Translyvanian Praid Salt Mine.  The salt's curative properties are well known and used in therapeutic treatments facilities located in the disused parts of the mine.

Active ingredients: miocene salt crystals, composed of sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium.